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If you are a digital nomad or a bit of a geek, you like remote work, and you want to join a fast-growing company with a real mission (helping franchise networks develop for good), then take a look at the latest jobs available and join our team!



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Growth Project Manager (B2B)


We give our employees what we did not have as employees.

At EverFruit, we give the chance to those who want it. But what matters most is attitude. We don't wait until you have completed HEC to join the team. Simply the will to succeed. If our values ​​resonate with you and you are driven by EverFruit's mission, then this may be the time to send us your application.


We are ambitious and disruptive. By joining EverFruit, you are joining a real mission. That of revolutionizing marketing and the development of franchise networks. Your daily work will have a direct impact on the growth of our agency but also that of our clients.

Growth mindset

We cannot do growth marketing without having a “growth mindset”. We constantly question ourselves. We test. We improve. We accept failure. This is how we evolve.


We are looking for passionate people, driven on a daily basis by our mission, but also people who have a sense of responsibility, trust, ownership and transparency.

Team spirit

A real team, which supports each other even remotely and especially in difficult times. This is what EverFruit is. We are looking for real team players with whom we can share pleasant moments and laugh during our regular meetups across Europe.


We have all been working fully remotely since 2018 and have been comfortable with this (new) way of working for a long time. By joining the team, you will be able to work from wherever you want and when you want, in complete autonomy.

Common sense

We are precise in our work and want to provide consistent quality to our franchisor clients. We are demanding, use common sense and follow through with 150%.