Find more
qualified franchise candidates

Take advantage of the power of Franchise Growth Marketing and the support of our digital experts to stand out from the competition, generate more qualified candidates and accelerate the growth of your network!

Services that will make
your franchise network take off

Services that will make
your franchise network take off

Social Ads & Search Engine Optimization (SEA)

We create, manage and optimize customized digital advertising campaigns, in order to:

  • Diversify your sources of acquisition of franchise candidates

  • Precisely target your ideal candidates and optimize your acquisition costs

  • Generate a continuous flow of qualified candidates for your network

  • Highlight your brand so that it stands out from the crowd

Landing Pages

We apply the best strategies to transform your landing pages into conversion tools! With this service you can benefit from :

  • More visibility for your brand on search engines

  • More chance of converting your franchise candidates

  • A landing page optimised for mobile and desktop versions

Marketing Automation

We implement automated workflows to optimize the activation of your candidates and allow you to:

  • Advance your prospects in their franchise candidate journey

  • Analyze the actions of your franchise candidates

  • Save time and reduce repetitive tasks

  • Convert more leads into qualified appointments

LinkedIn prospecting

Together, we can deploy a semi-automated, ultra-efficient prospecting system that will enable you to :

  • Approach the right candidates on LinkedIn

  • Send them a detailed message that suits them

  • Access an ultra-qualified database that we have built up over the years

  • Boost your prospecting conversions on LinkedIn

SEO Articles

We write SEO articles to improve your website's natural ranking on search engines! By choosing this service, you'll be able to:

  • Have a quality content strategy, targeting relevant keywords

  • Benefit from well-written SEO articles aligned with your network

  • Showcase your expertise and improve your website's ranking.

Finally unlock your franchise network's
growth potential

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